In this article, we will look at the top 3 new doctors in the country, as well as the top three nursing majors in the world.

In the article, all these terms have been compared to the medical students from different states.

We will also look at where the doctors come from, the average age and the average qualifications of these doctors.

The top 3 medical students in the nationThe top three new doctors of the country are:-Dr Rajiv Mishra, MD, ICU, New Delhi, India;Dr Shanti Mankar, MD and FACS, ICUS, Bengaluru, India ;Dr Nandini Kannan, MD& FACS (Neurosurgical Institute of India) at the New Delhi Institute of Medical Sciences, India (NDIMS); andDr Ramesh Sharma, MD & FA, MIMS, New York, USA.

 In this article we will be comparing the top doctors of India and the other 3 countries.

Dr Rajinder Mishra MD and ICU (New Delhi)  Dr Shri Ramesham Sharma, FACS and ICUS (New York) Dr Nandan Kumar Manker, M.


(Newark, NJ) Professor Nandan Kannanan MD, FACSM (NewYork) This article has been created to help the medical school aspirants of the nation.

In the article below, we compare the medical degree, the age, the experience, the qualifications and the education of the top two med school graduates.

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