This is a guest post by Sarah Gwynne, RN, the Registered Nurse for the Queensland Government and an RN registered nurse.

RN training has been around since 1877 when the first Registered Nurse (RN) was first established in Queensland.

This RNs qualification includes knowledge of all aspects of healthcare including medical and nursing care.

RNs can also practise as registered nurses, as registered nurse assistants (RNAs) and as nurse practitioners.

RN trainees have access to a wide range of healthcare, from primary care to specialist nursing, in the state and territory of Queensland.

Learn more about the RNs role in Queensland in this article.

NURSING LEARNERS and trained nurses are not the only people who can practise as RNs in Queensland, there are also those who have chosen to pursue a career in nursing.

Some of the most respected RNs are currently teaching and caring for the elderly.

These are some of the people that we would like to share some of their experience.

NREBS WHO ARE MAKING A WHOLE NEW BODY of RNs: Nurse Practitioners and Nurses: This is one of the few professions in which many RNs do not practice as nurses, but as nursing professionals.

As nurse practitioners, RNs have full access to the whole range of clinical services and can provide healthcare services to patients including assessment, management and referral to specialist services, including GP care.

This includes home and community care.

As such, RN training can be a good starting point for RNs who are interested in nursing as a career, as well as those who want to pursue further training.

This is because RNs practise as nurses.

RNS and RN training is not a new phenomenon in Queensland either.

It was first started in 1877 with the first RN, a nurse, being trained as a nurse practitioner.

The RNs training in Queensland was recognised in the State of Queensland’s RN Qualifications and Education Regulations (QLQR) 1993.

These regulations define a Registered Nurse as a person who has completed the following: an equivalent or equivalent course in nursing;

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