Nursing jobs in Australia have seen a huge growth in recent years.

Now that the ABC is looking to nurse baggers, we decided to take a look at what nurses might want to pack.

Read moreNursing job vacancies in Australia in 2018As part of our series looking at nursing job vacancies across Australia, we asked our nurses if they could shed some light on what they might like to pack into their nursing bag.

Nursies are often asked about how they get their jobs, and this is where things get interesting.

Some nurses say they get the job, but are told they have to do the RN for a while and then be put back in the office.

Others are put in the same position but with a different person working for them.

While the job is not necessarily the same, many nurses have seen the change.

The ABC understands that some of the nurses interviewed were told that it would take them three months to be put in a different role and would take around a month to be promoted to the full time role of RN.

The role of a RN is generally seen as a more traditional role, with nurses often working in the homes of family members or carers.

For some, this can be a big deal as they may have to move into new homes with their family members.

For others, the role could be just another role in the care of patients.

Some RNs have expressed concerns about the shift from family carer to RN, and that some may be moved from one role to another.

Some may even have to change jobs to get to the new position.

Many nurses are not in a position to change roles without the support of their family, but it is important to understand that nurses are only ever in a role if they have the skills needed.

The RN for the ABC: The story of a young nurse who became a nurseBy Sarah McKeonThe ABC has launched its Nursing Jobs in Australia series to highlight the roles nurses are looking for.

The series is an opportunity for people to look at the job opportunities in nursing and the roles that nurses can fill.

We wanted to hear from our nurses as they shared their experiences and thoughts.

Read the full series:

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