Nursing degrees are often touted as a way to get into the workforce, but a growing body of research suggests they may not be the best option for everyone.

According to a recent study published in the journal Nursing Research, nursing degrees tend to be more likely to be associated with higher absenteeism, which is associated with lower life satisfaction, which in turn may lead to higher costs for nursing homes.

According the study, nursing students were less likely to receive a nursing degree if they were employed full-time or working fewer than 50 hours per week, and less likely if they worked fewer than 30 hours per work week.

Nursing degrees are also associated with a higher level of absenteeism.

A nursing degree may be considered a sign of a better working environment, which may lead students to take on additional responsibilities, such as working in nursing homes or attending graduate programs.

But according to the study’s authors, a lack of nursing education is not necessarily the culprit behind the higher costs associated with nursing degrees.

“In the U.S., nursing degree programs are a major source of funding for state governments and private sector employers, and many students attend them to prepare for their nursing degree,” the authors write.

“However, many studies have shown that the degree itself may not have the best track record for providing meaningful career outcomes.”

The study authors say their study, which analyzed the costs of nursing degrees across a range of countries, found that the most common reasons students who took a nursing program did not receive a degree were lack of experience, difficulty getting a job and low salary.

The authors also point out that even if students do complete their nursing degrees on time, they may still face a number of challenges after graduation.

According for the study:Students who had a lower level of education had lower earnings than students with a high level of educational attainment.

Students with a nursing license were more likely than those without a nursing credential to have experienced a loss of income, while those who had graduated with a medical degree were more than twice as likely as those without such a degree to experience a loss in income.

“Although the results of this study suggest that nursing degrees are not necessarily an effective way to increase career opportunities, they do not disprove the value of nursing as a career path,” the study authors conclude.

“While many studies suggest that some degree programs offer a significant career boost, it is important to note that this does not necessarily mean that these programs will increase the likelihood of a successful career.”

The authors note that their study was conducted using data from a large number of countries and did not include information on the cost of attending a nursing school or other factors.

However, other research has found that nursing degree-related education is associated in many countries with better job placement rates, higher wages, more generous benefits, lower costs for healthcare, and better health care quality.

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