Nurse mate accommodation in Dublin is in a state of emergency after an emergency accommodation order was issued by the Department of Health (DOH).

The order states the nurse must be available to work at a nurse mate accommodation within the premises by 4pm on the last day of their employment.

If they do not return to the premises within the time limit, they will be ordered to return to a local health authority.

The order is for the duration of their current employment.

This means the nurse may only be in the nursing position if they are employed by the same health authority as the patient.

They can then only be allowed to be in that position for the next two weeks, after which they will have to be removed from the premises.

A new nurse mate may be assigned to a new accommodation if they do return to work.

The new nurse will be subject to a three-week waiting period for a new nurse to be assigned, after the department receives a request from the new nurse.

However, the department has also received a number of requests for nurses to be reassigned, and some nurses have been reassigned to other roles.

This situation is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.

However in the event of a new order, nurses will have an extra two weeks to return.

The department will also issue a new nursing order for any new nurses who have not returned to work, if a new one is issued.

The Department of Social Protection has been in charge of nursing accommodation and will be issuing an update later this week.

Source: The Irish Independent

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