A US surgeon who is accused of killing 7, including two nursing assistants in a nursing home massacre in New York City is accused by another woman of shooting a third.

In a court filing Friday, the FBI alleges Dr. Joseph D’Agostino, 51, of the Bronx, shot Dr. Robert L. Zagata Jr., 51, in the head and neck while the two were sitting in a chair outside the home, The New York Times reported.

Listed in the court filing as “suspect #1,” the other woman, Dr. Joanna Gans, is also accused of being the shooter.

Dr. D’agostino has denied the accusations.

The FBI’s complaint says that the attack took place at the Westchester County Nursing Home on July 22.

The document also claims that Zagat “was shot in the neck, face and torso with a .45 caliber pistol” before being shot once in the upper chest.

“Dr. D.

Agostinino was a resident of the facility from November 2005 to April 2007.

He had been employed by the facility since the summer of 2008,” the FBI wrote in the complaint.

“He is not a resident or employee of the New York State Department of Health.”

Zagats death comes just weeks after the hospital’s superintendent resigned in a suicide attempt.

In April, Drs.

Mary Jo Kohn and Lisa Jackson resigned from their positions after it was revealed they had been in a relationship for years.

Drs Kohn, Jackson and Dr. Michael Schoenfeld had previously resigned in the wake of an investigation into the health care provider.

In the lawsuit filed Friday, Dr D’AGOSTINO and Zagato were also charged with two counts of first-degree murder.

They are accused of firing at the home with a handgun, a .38-caliber revolver, a shotgun and a .22-caliber rifle.

The lawsuit also claims Zagatelli was the only one injured in the attack.

According to the suit, Zagatos “attempted to kill Dr. Kohn by pointing the weapon at her head, which caused her to lose consciousness and fall to the ground.”

The FBI claims that after Zagattis death, the two nurses “were able to return to their respective homes, but were unable to recover and were both hospitalized in critical condition.”

The case has not yet been formally filed by the state.

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