The nursing industry is facing a crisis of its own as the industry is struggling to keep up with the rising costs of homecare, healthcare, and home appliances.

As the industry struggles to keep pace with the surging cost of home healthcare, home appliances, and healthcare, nurses are looking for ways to help support them.

Many nursing homes are in dire need of new equipment and supplies, but nursing home nurses are increasingly finding that the products and services they are receiving are not up to the mark.

Nursing homes are struggling to get the equipment they need and the products they need are often not available or affordable.

The New York Times recently reported that nursing home care providers are struggling with the inability to purchase new home appliances and that nursing homes in Southern California are receiving an average of $1,200 less per patient per day than the average nursing home in other areas of the country.

The shortage of new home equipment is particularly acute in the nursing home industry, which is facing significant cuts in state funding for nursing homes.

In California, there is a shortage of over $10 million in nursing home equipment per month, according to the California Nurses Association.

In many parts of the state, nursing home beds are in short supply, with hospitals across the state scrambling to buy beds.

A shortage of bed linens and bedding is also making it difficult for home care facilities to hire new staff, as nursing home facilities are being forced to rely on nursing home residents and former residents to work the phones to find qualified replacements for people who have left nursing homes for the private sector.

A nursing home employee said the shortage of nursing home furniture and other items is causing staff members to have to be more selective about who they are able to work with.

“It’s a constant struggle,” said a nursing home resident who requested anonymity to speak freely about the nursing homes problems.

“I work in the home health unit, and there are so many items that I can’t get because I don’t have the right paperwork to get it, and it’s a struggle.”

In a recent report, the New York State Nurses Foundation (NSNF), an organization that works to help nursing home and home care systems in New York state, highlighted a series of nursing homes that have been affected by the shortage.

The NSNF found that nursing facilities in New Jersey have the highest number of bed-wasting beds per resident in the state.

The report also found that there are nearly 500 nursing homes with at least one bed-sharing bed in New Mexico.

In Texas, there are at least three nursing homes where bed-sitting beds are being left unused because they cannot be manufactured or repaired.

The Texas Nursing Home Association has reported that more than 50 nursing homes have experienced shortages of beds, according the Texas Association of Rehospitals and Hospitals.

The problems are especially acute in nursing homes because of the shortage in bed linents and bedcloths.

The nursing home nursing home owner who spoke to the New Yorker said that he has seen nurses in their 30s and 40s laying on the floor of the home nursing unit, sleeping on the mattress of their own beds, and saying that they can’t afford to buy the new nursing home bed they need.

“There’s a lot of people here that can’t even afford to get a bed, let alone buy a bed,” said the home owner.

“They have to just leave, but the problem is the beds aren’t getting repaired and they’re just sitting on the shelves, and they can no longer get the bed.”

The nursing homes, which can have up to 100 beds, are often the only nursing home home in the community, and because they have limited staffing, they are often without a bed for a prolonged period of time.

The problem is that nursing care is becoming more fragmented, and this is having an impact on the workforce.

Many hospitals have already cut back on their staff, which has meant that nursing and home health workers have been reduced to assisting with patient care.

Nursing home workers who are able and willing to take on these new duties have also been put on administrative leave.

“We have people that come into our facility who are working a few hours a day,” said one nursing home worker.

“If we don’t take them on these administrative leave, they’re going to be on their own.

There’s no other way to go.

It’s just not fair.

It has to change.”

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