Nursing School, NPS, and Nursing, Licensed Practical Nurses, have been the subject of a lot of criticism lately.

A recent study conducted by the University of Pittsburgh found that over 90 percent of licensed practical nurses surveyed said they were less likely to use the products if they were associated with nursing schools.

But, does this mean nursing schools are somehow more responsible for their own staffs becoming tattoos?

Or are they just less likely than other industries to do their own research and design products specifically for tattooing?

In this new video from the Nurse Tshirt company, they answer that question and more.

The video shows a nurse using a nurse shirt on a patient, showing off a tattoo design for the nurse to create.

In this video, we see the nurse using an ABA style design for a tattoo that features the NPS logo.

The nurses are also shown using a design for nurses to create a nursing shirt, the NPDTS and NPDOT.

While the nursing shirts are a good way to introduce a brand, some nursing school staff have argued that it is actually not the best way to promote a brand.

According to a report by the American Nurses Association, nurses are often more likely to be tattooed themselves than licensed practical or other professionals.

The ABA, however, maintains that tattooing is a form of communication that is best done by other professionals or by nursing students.

“Nursing schools have been doing a fantastic job of marketing their products to students and other professionals,” said Julie Wiese, RN, CNP and Executive Director of the American Nursing Association.

“But we believe it’s important for all nursing schools to look beyond just a professional license and look at how their products can promote a positive message of wellness and support to the community.”

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