Travel Nursing Jobs: Travel Nursing Chair Salary, Travel Nursing Salary, Nursing Chair Travel Jobs, Travel Nurse Salary, Nursing Chair Salary source Business Insider title Nursers’ Guide to the Salary Trends for Travel Nursing Professionals article Travel nursing jobs are on the rise in recent years, with salaries increasing from $9.90 per hour in 2007 to $11.00 per hour last year. 

There is some variation in pay for travel nurses, with some jobs in the U.S. earning as much as $18 an hour, and some pay as little as $8.10 per hour.

The average pay for a nursing assistant is $18.75 per hour, according to

The median pay for nurse assistants is $16.10, according the website. 

Travel Nursing Chair salaries vary depending on the state, with an average of $8 per hour across the U .


According to, the average annual salary for a nurse assistant in New York City is $28,500. 

The average annual pay for nursing assistant in Philadelphia is $35,500, according to .

The average salary for an assistant in Los Angeles is $27,400. 

According to Forbes, the median salary for the U -S.

is $49,000. 

For more on the salary trends for travel nursing, check out The Salary Report from , which breaks down the pay for the top 5% of the American workforce.

The TravelNurse Salary Report also provides tips on how to increase your income, which can help you with finding work. 

“You can’t go into this field with an eye to making the most of your time, but the best way to do that is to work smarter,” said Lisa Hahn, a travel nurse who is the CEO of and is based in Phoenix. 

Lisa is an independent freelance writer with a passion for travel and career development.

You can follow her on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. 

Disclaimer: is not affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by or

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