Nursing homes are starting to see the light of day, as more and more people are seeking a home for their loved ones.

Many of them have taken the plunge and are now able to offer nursing homes a second look.

And as the number of home buyers and residents continues to grow, so too does the demand for a nursing home.

But there are some common stumbling blocks to matching a nursing homes needs.

Here are some tips to help get your home on the map.


Read all of the rules and regulations that govern a nursing facility.2.

Ask your insurance provider if your nursing homes home is eligible for Medicare or Medicaid.3.

Find out if your state or local nursing home board has any special rules or regulations.4.

Talk to your local nursing association to learn if your home meets the standards of a local community health center.5.

Ask the board if it has any rules or guidelines regarding the care provided at your nursing facility, as well as any rules and guidelines that apply to your nursing facilities.6.

Find information on local codes of ethics and rules and protocols, such as when a nursing staff member must report suspicious behavior to a supervisor.7.

Check with your nursing board if you need to make any changes to the layout or equipment at your home.8.

Read up on the rules that govern nursing home residents and their duties, such to: maintaining cleanliness, keeping the premises clean, and maintaining a clean environment.9.

Know what you can expect to pay for your nursing care, including whether you may qualify for Medicaid.10.

Check the state regulations about home health aides.11.

Check to see if your resident is able to work from home.12.

Ask about any other state regulations that apply.13.

Find the state’s definition of home health aide, as they can vary.14.

Check out your nursing program’s regulations, rules and policies regarding nursing home operations, including when it is permitted to change a bed, changing a bed sheets, or changing a chair.15.

Learn about the state nursing program fee, as it can vary from state to state.16.

Check if you may be able to qualify for the Federal Medicaid program.17.

Check for nursing home benefits or eligibility for state nursing home grants, if applicable.18.

Ask if you have to pay rent, utilities, and if you must have a security deposit for the home.19.

Talk with your local insurance provider about whether you can qualify for a home insurance policy.20.

Read and understand your state’s health care and safety rules, as some of these rules and procedures are unique to your state.21.

Check what your state may require when you first come into the nursing home, as many of these requirements are unique.22.

Make sure your nursing aide is in good physical condition.23.

Check your state rules about home inspections, as you may need to have your nursing aides physicals.24.

Ask to speak with the nursing assistant if you don’t feel like talking to the nurse in person.25.

Find other options for your new nursing home that may be more convenient and cheaper.

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