Nurse assistant and midwife positions in Australia can be hard to find.

The latest report from recruitment company TalentHub shows there are just 541 nursing positions in the state of Victoria.

However, that’s up from 1,600 in the first quarter of this year.

In Victoria, the nurse assistant is the most common job, with about 90 per cent of vacancies filled.

However there are a few areas of difficulty.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that nurse assistants are a popular choice in the rural and regional areas, but are still not seen as desirable in the more metropolitan and urban areas.

It’s important to understand the roles and responsibilities of a nurse assistant, and how you can fill them.

For the first time in Australia, the NSW Labor Government has introduced a new nursing qualification for nursing.

The Nursing Accreditation Board of Australia (NAB) has identified a number of areas of nursing practice which require specific knowledge and skills, and will provide a nursing certification.

The National Council of Nursing is advising the new credentialing system on nursing skills and certification.

This includes the assessment of nurses’ competency in nursing.

NAB says a RN is: An accredited nurse who is qualified to practise in a nursing setting.

An accredited nursing practitioner who is trained to work in nursing settings and is able to work collaboratively with nurses to deliver nursing services in a collaborative way.

While the new nursing qualifications are good news, it’s important for nursing to focus on areas where they are not strong enough.

For example, nurses are not as strong in clinical diagnosis and management of infections as they are in patient management.

It’s also important to recognise that nurses do not need to be a clinical nurse to do the nursing duties.

Nursing students may be eligible for the National Certificate of Nursing in Nursing (NCN) but it’s a one-year course.

NCN is a high-quality, two-year qualification that requires a high level of experience, good knowledge and professional practice.

You can find more information about RNs and nursing in Australia here.

There’s more good news to come.

This week, the Queensland Government will roll out the Nursing Skills Program, which will offer a nurse education certificate and the opportunity to become a registered nurse.

The new scheme will be rolled out in 2019.

The National Council on Nursing says the nursing qualification is an excellent option for nursing graduates, and is one of the highest-value certificates in the country.

Want to learn more about nursing?

The National Nursing Council has more information on the profession.

For more on careers in nursing, check out our guide to careers in healthcare.

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