An international study finds that, even though nurses in the United States earn a median annual salary of $100,000, the median wage of their Israeli colleagues is $65,000.

The salary gap between the two countries is particularly striking.

Israel’s median salary is $50,000 while the average Israeli salary is about $65 for an equivalent job in the U.S.

The study, by Israeli researchers at the Tel Aviv University, found that, overall, the salary of nurses in Israel is roughly equivalent to the average salary of the U,S.

nursing profession.

It found that nurses in both countries have relatively low salaries, but that the Israeli nursing salary is considerably higher.

Nursing salaries in Israel are relatively high compared to the U!

According to the Israeli study, the average annual salary for nurses in Tel Aviv is about 20 times higher than that of the average U. S. nurse.

In contrast, in the American Midwest, where nurses are much less likely to work for a pay rate of $7.25 per hour, the American median salary for a nurse is about half that of Israel.

The average annual wage for U.s. nurses in their respective states is roughly equal to the median salary of Israeli nurses.

As for the salary gap in Israel, the researchers concluded that the salaries of Israeli workers are significantly lower than that in the country’s neighboring countries.

The median salary in Israel for nurses is $54,000; in the US, the annual median salary averages about $45,000 for a similar job.

The study noted that the difference in pay between the countries could be partly explained by the high number of Israeli graduates.

However, despite the disparity in salary between the Israeli and U. States, the Israeli nurses do earn higher salaries than their American counterparts.

According to Israel’s Labor Ministry, Israeli nurses earn an average annual pay of about $67,000 compared to about $50 for an American.

However, in Israel’s case, the difference is even more pronounced.

For example, Israeli doctors, nurses and technicians earn about $60,000 per year compared to $35,000 in the average American salary.

The researchers suggested that the higher salaries in Israeli hospitals could be the result of higher salaries of medical specialists and other specialists.

According to the researchers, the higher salary disparity in Israel may reflect the higher average wages paid by Israelis than the U S. But the disparity is more pronounced for nurses than for other workers.

The Israeli researchers found that the average hourly wage of a nurse in Israel was $40.20 while the U’s average hourly pay was about $26.40.

The median pay for American workers is $70,000 whereas the Israeli workers average $49,500, according to the study.

However and according to a previous study by the Israel Labour Authority, Israeli workers have the lowest hourly pay in Israel compared to that of U. U. The Israeli study concluded that nurses working in Israel earn significantly higher salaries.

It also noted that Israel’s salary gap is largely due to a high number in Israeli doctors and other health professionals.

The authors suggest that the high salaries of American doctors may partly be due to the higher number of American graduates and thus could be partially attributed to the high salary levels of American physicians.

According, to the authors, the high pay disparity in Israeli medical institutions could be a result of the high cost of living in Israel.

In other words, because of the low pay, Israeli employers may be less likely be willing to pay a high wage.

The higher wages may also have a direct impact on the salary levels in Israeli universities.

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