Theresa May has come under fire for a decision to limit the number of nurses in the NHS, with the number being slashed from 8,000 to 6,000 in a bid to reduce the number and spread out the spread of infections.

The number of patients being treated in a hospital has been cut by almost a third, as has the number who need care in intensive care units.

In the UK, the number was around 7,500.

The NHS is also reducing the number available for nursing homes.

The government said the nurses had been told by the Government that a decision would be taken at the end of May, but it did not say what that decision would have been.

Some people are calling the decision a form of political blackmail by the government.

The number of nursing homes that can now be licensed has also been reduced to 612.

Dr David Brown, the head of NHS England, said the move was part of a broader strategy to increase the number, with about 30 per cent of NHS trusts offering some form of alternative to a hospital.

He said the aim was to reduce hospital mortality rates.

“The primary objective is to ensure that we have a quality, high-performing NHS,” he said.

Nurses at a nursing home are often given intensive care for their conditions and some may even receive life-saving treatment, such as surgery.

The NHS has been told it will have to offer up to 200,000 nurses by 2020, with that number expected to increase.

However, there have been calls for the Government to increase support for nursing home nurses by up to £400m, with some experts saying that will not be enough.

Professor John O’Leary, director of the University of London’s Institute for Health and Social Care, said that would have to be paid for by a rise in the basic rate of income.

Prof O’Lea said it would be “hugely expensive” to give nurses more support than they currently receive.

“If we’re talking about people who are struggling and are struggling to pay the rent or are struggling for money to pay for basic needs, this is something that is really needed,” he told the BBC.

Meanwhile, the National Union of Teachers has said it is concerned about the cuts in nursing homes, with its chief executive, Sally Hunt, saying it was “completely unacceptable”.

“Nurses and home carers are an important part of our society and they deserve to be supported,” she said.

“It’s not right that the Government is cutting the number or the number we have in nursing home care.”

We are particularly concerned about our children, who are at risk from the pressures that this is putting on our nursing homes.

“In a separate development, a British Council study found that about 20 per cent, or some 723,000, of those in the nursing homes were under-nourished.

About one in five nursing homes have been closed since last year, when the government cut the number to about 8,500 from about 10,000.

Last week, it was revealed that the government had cut £5m in funding to the National Association of Home Health Officers, which represents NHS workers, as part of its bid to cut the cost of its nursing home contracts.

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