Nurse t shirts, which can be worn to keep a patient warm during a flu pandemic, are one of the best ways to stay cool and prevent a potentially deadly virus from spreading.

They also come in handy during the day, and can be bought at many pharmacies.

“It’s all about your comfort,” said Akshay Kumar, chief executive of India’s largest private pharmacy chain, Medco.

He said he buys the shirts at the pharmacy, which has close to 300 outlets in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

“You can buy them for Rs 4,000 or Rs 6,000, but they will last you about two to three days,” he said.

The shirts are worn over a shirt that can hold the patient’s temperature at minus 30 degrees Celsius.

“In the morning, if it gets too cold, you can change your shirt, but at night you can only change it once,” said Mr Kumar.

“Even if you change it every day, it will last about three days.”

Nurses are among the hardest workers in the country, he added.

While some hospitals and nursing homes in the capital are setting up special cooling zones to help protect their staff from the cold, it can take days for the nurses to warm up a patient who is being taken to a hospital.

“Some nurses are working in isolation rooms.

It’s just a matter of time before they get sick.

This is why nurses have to wear their shirts,” said Rakesh Kaul, who is in charge of operations at a public hospital in New Delhi.

He also advises nurses to change their shirts every day.

“When the patient comes to you, wear a shirt with your own name on it,” he told The Times Of India.

“If someone tells you to change your shirts, don’t be shy.

Just say no, because you can’t change it again.”

A nurse’s jacket can be found in every health department, and nurses can buy one for as little as Rs 2,000.

“The only thing that really matters is to be comfortable,” said a nurse at the government hospital in north Delhi, who preferred to be identified only as Mr A. “Sometimes, nurses forget that their shirt is only for comfort,” he added, explaining that some people in his hospital have refused to wear the shirts.

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