Nurses are no longer being paid a penny for nursing training.

Nurses are being paid just 0.2p for every £1 of tuition fees. 

The Government announced the change in its annual report to Parliament on Tuesday night, saying that the amount would be cut by 0.5p from next year.

The Government also announced that an additional 0.4p would be paid to RNs in England.

The figures come just weeks after the Government announced it would pay RNs 0.9p for each £1 they spent in training, with the amount set to rise to 1p.

The government is expected to announce further cuts to the £20 billion NHS funding budget by the end of the year.

Nursing tuition fees will be cut to just 0,2p from 2019. 

Nurses will also get a one-off £1,000 bonus on their annual salary for the first time.

The number of RNs currently teaching in England will be halved to 6,000 from next April, according to the Government. 

As part of the cut, the government is also cutting the number of nurses working in England to around 25,000. 

It is expected that around 10,000 RNs will be out of work by 2020.

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