NURSING HOME JOB PAYS $30K PER YEAR in a city with the highest median income, according to a new analysis of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The median salary for a nurse was $29,500 in May, the last month for which the data is available, according the BLS.

The lowest-paid nursing assistant was $22,000.

The highest-paid nurse, meanwhile, was a $72,000 worker at a hospital in St. Louis, Missouri.

The average annual salary for nurses was $45,000, the report shows.

The most recent BLS figures for 2018 show the median salary of a nursing assistant is $38,500.

It was the highest-paying position for an assistant in 2020.

The BLS reports on median hourly pay and average pay for the workforce.

The top 10 highest-earning jobs in 2020 for a nursing aide were: Healthcare Support Assistant $55,000 ($57,800) Senior Executive Assistant $52,000 ($58,800)* Health Administration Support Worker $48,800 ($52,800**) Nursing Assistant $40,000($44,100) Health Maintenance Manager $40.00 ($41,100)* Senior Nurse Practitioner $36,100 ($37,800*)* Health Services Associate $34,800($36,800*) Registered Nurse $32,800($34,400)* Nurse Assistant $30,800(*) Assistant Manager $28,500($30,100**) * The number includes all nurses, regardless of specialty.

** It includes nurses working for a nonprofit, which is a unionized profession, not a hospital or a government agency.

** The Belsky Center for Health Care Policy and Management estimates the median hourly wage for a registered nurse in 2020 was $38.60, based on data from 2010.

The figure includes nurse-to-nurse and nurse-co-supervisor salaries.

The wage varies depending on the type of job, including how many hours the worker works per week.

The Bureau of Economic Analysis estimates that the median weekly pay for registered nurses in 2020 is $9,400.

The median hourly rate for a full-time, non-supervisory nurse is $13.55, according in the Belski Center’s analysis.

That means the average nurse makes $20.06 an hour, or about $30 per week, according data from BLS’ Employer Survey.

A full- time, nonsupervisory nursing assistant makes $26.84 an hour.

In the past year, the Bleskys report found that nurse- to-nurses earned a median salary, based off of the Bulskys’ wage estimates, of $28.25.

That was more than $1,000 above the national median salary.

In 2020, the average hourly wage of nurses was a little less than $21 per week in St Louis, which ranked in the bottom third of the state.

The national median wage for nurses is $28 an hour or $29.10 an hour for full- and part-time employees, according Belskys.

St. Louis ranked fifth in the country for nurses in terms of median hourly wages.

It also ranked fourth for the amount of overtime hours nurses worked per week for all jobs.

St. Paul, Minnesota ranked eighth and ninth in the nation for nurse-job-seekers, with the average wage of a nurse in the St. Cloud metro area was $32.00 an hour in 2020, according a Belskoys report.

The National Association of Realtors reported that the St Louis area had the second highest number of vacant listings in 2020 at 10,898, according The Real Estate Board of Greater St. Charles.

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