A nurse’s video on the clipart site SnapNurse has gone viral after a family who shared it with them for Christmas received a miraculous gift.

The clipart from the nonprofit SnapNursery was posted on Facebook and shared on other social media outlets.

The video showed a family sharing a photo of their toddler’s head to their child.

The mother, whose name has not been released, shared the photo on Snapchat and said, “Oh my God!

I had to post it on my page, because I can’t believe it was taken by a stranger.

It’s just incredible.”

She wrote, “The photo is so amazing.

It was taken from my phone, and I couldn’t believe my eyes!

The little girl looks so cute in the photo.

I am so grateful for this.”

The family shared the clip on their social media channels.

Within days, the mother said, her daughter was rushed to the hospital, and she got the news that her daughter had a tumor on her brain.

“I have a 3-year-old daughter, and right now, we don’t know how to deal with the tumor,” the mother told NBC News.

“It’s kind of scary.

It scares me.

My heart is racing, because we are so excited about this little girl.”

The mother shared her story on Facebook.

“A little girl’s life has been turned upside down when her mom lost her precious life to cancer,” she wrote.

“This video and post by SnapNurses has touched so many people.

It is a miracle that a mom, or a grandmother, could share her story with us.

I love SnapNuns so much.”

The SnapNuders video was shared by the mom on Snapchat, and a Facebook group for Snap Nurses was created.

The family shared their story with Snap Nurseries and thanked the group for the viral video.

The family said they are grateful for the outpouring of support.

“This is a wonderful thing, I don’t think I could have asked for a better gift,” the mom said.

“I am so happy for the Snap Nursery team.

I would have never thought it would get this many likes.

It means so much to see all the people who share the story and support us.”

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