Nursing students in the United States are having a hard time finding nursing school tattoos, as they struggle to find the right school, according to a new survey.

The survey, which was conducted by the nonprofit Nursing Education Center (NEC), polled more than 1,000 students and parents across the country to see how many tattoos students had.

A third of those surveyed were either unable or unwilling to identify which schools were the best for their nursing career.NEC says that more than half of those who were unable to identify the best nursing school tattoo had either been tattooed before or during their time in nursing school, with the majority having tattoos at some point during their education.

Nurses also had tattooed at a higher rate than other age groups.

Seventy-four percent of the respondents had tattoos while in college and 65 percent of those were tattooed in their first year of college.

Nurse tattooed by NEC students is displayed on their chest.

(Nec)In addition, the students who had tattoos were also less likely to say they wanted to tattoo their next tattoo, according the NEC survey.

Students in nursing schools are now more likely to have tattoos, which are more likely than the general population to be an expression of affection, the NEC says.

In addition to nursing school nurses, tattoos are a popular way for students to express their love and appreciation for their classmates.

According to NEC, tattooing can be very powerful in encouraging students to be a part of the nursing community. 

“The way we teach our students to see themselves as a part the community is through tattoos, and that can help us encourage students to take care of their classmates,” says NEC Executive Director Susan G. Kohn.

Nec is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children and young adults living in underserved communities, especially the elderly and children.

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