A new nursing degree is in the air. 

Graduate nursing degree programs are expected to have more nursing assistants, and to focus on the nursing profession. 

The Nursing News reported: “It’s expected that nursing assistant will be a key part of the nursing curriculum as the nursing education component is expected to be the focus of the Nursing Arts program, said Dr. Rebecca Miller, president of the National Association of Nursing Educators, Inc. “Nursing assistants are a key component in the education of nursing students.” 

Nursings associate and nurse assistants are expected at hospitals, hospitals with high patient volumes, and nursing facilities that are in need of additional nursing staff, said Miller. 

According to the Association of Nurses in Healthcare Care, nursing assistants are needed in nursing homes, in the field of nursing education, in hospitals, and in other nursing facilities where patient care is a primary responsibility. 

For example, nursing aides are needed at nursing homes to care for critically ill patients. 

Another nursing assistant is needed in the hospital emergency department to supervise the medical staff in a facility that is under pressure from patients and staff, according to the National Nurses United (NNU). 

These are just a few of the possibilities, according the NNU. 

Nurses in Nursing Care also wants to increase the number of nursing assistants in nursing education. 

Currently, about half of nursing college graduates in the United States have completed their degree, according the Association of Education for Nursing Professionals (AANPR). 

She added, “It’s about making nursing a part of that career path, which means it’s about education, not experience.” “

We want to see more nursing assistant graduates, and that includes nursing assistants,” said AANPR President, Jennifer M. Fong, in an interview with The New York Times. 

She added, “It’s about making nursing a part of that career path, which means it’s about education, not experience.” 

Currently in the U.S., about 25 percent of nursing graduates go on to be nurses, and they earn an average of $60,000 per year, according AANQ. 

There is a growing interest in training nursing assistants for the job of nursing care. 

Earlier this year, the American Academy of Pediatrics announced that the American Nurses Association (AANA) had created an apprenticeship program to train nursing assistants. 

This is an excellent start, said AAA President, Dr. Karen W. Sorensen. 

 “This is a great first step,” said Soren, in a statement. 

A nurse is not just a nurse; she is a nurse who has been trained as a nurse. 

It is important to take care of patients and have compassion and empathy with people, and it is important for people to understand the value of nursing, Sorentsen added. 

These nursing assistant positions are expected not only to be filled by the graduates of nursing school but also by students. 

What are your thoughts on the current nursing shortage? 

Leave your comments below.

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