Nursing ranks No. 1 on the list of highest paid professions for the first time, according to an annual ranking released Wednesday by the nonprofit Center for Labor-Management Research.

The median pay for a full-time nursing assistant is $72,500, up from $69,800 in 2015.

The highest paid assistant is a nurse who works in a hospital emergency room, with a median salary of $90,000.

The survey also found that nursing schools earned an average of $8,600 more per student than all other types of schools combined last year.

Nurses are also the most popular profession among seniors, according the survey, which polled nearly 5,000 nurses in December.

More from the Center for Workforce Development: The survey was based on responses from 1,054 of the nation’s 2.3 million nurses.

It was conducted in partnership with the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation and the National Center for Health Statistics.

The Institute for Workplace Health and Wellness, a nonprofit research organization based in New York City, surveyed nurses across the country.

The data will be used to help nurses prepare for the 2020 Census.

The National Nurses United, a group that has been fighting for higher wages and better benefits for nurses, called the survey “shocking” and said the survey shows how the profession is being undermined.

“We see nurses making less money than any other profession, yet the profession still refuses to give workers an increase in pay,” said Julie Bierut, the group’s executive director.

“The answer is not to pay nurses more, but to fix what has been a problem for decades: the system that doesn’t allow nurses to rise in pay.”

The Institute also noted that the number of nurses who are currently working full- or part-time is expected to increase to 12.3 percent of the workforce by 2025 from 10.4 percent in 2020.

The rate of growth for nurses’ part-timers also rose last year, reaching 15.3 percentage points.

The institute estimates that the average part-timer makes $8.19 an hour, which is almost $1,000 more than the median hourly wage for full-timer workers, according this year’s report.

More than 40 percent of nurses are now part- or full-hour workers, up nearly 5 percentage points from 2015, according Toensing said.

The average part time worker earns $3.11 per hour, a figure that has doubled in five years.

In addition, the average full-timer worker earns about $12.70 per hour more than their part-hour counterparts.

Toensing and other researchers say that the survey results show how the system is holding back workers.

The percentage of full- and part- time nurses who earn less than $15 per hour in 2017 is more than two-thirds higher than the average of the full-to-part-time and part time workers combined, according The New York Times.

In a letter to nurses, the Institute said the “unrealistic” median hourly pay of full time nurses is $21.80 per hour.

The new survey also showed that nurses earn more money than other professions because they work longer hours.

Full-time workers who work 40 hours or more a week earn an average salary of about $75,000, according Wednesday’s report from the institute.

In the past five years, full-day nurses earned an annual salary of more than $140,000 in 2017.

Full time workers who worked 40 hours a week earned an estimated $85,000 this year, according.

The researchers said the findings could have a negative impact on the economy because of their shorter hours.

They added that it is important to keep the full time workforce full, which has allowed for a slower pace of job growth and better-paying jobs.

Toing also said the nursing industry needs to make changes to help pay its workers more.

He said the report showed nurses were earning more in benefits, which includes health insurance and paid vacation, and a greater share of their compensation comes from overtime.

To a point, he said, they need to take their paychecks out of the hands of the CEO and other high-ranking officials.

“It’s time to take the gloves off,” Toensing told ABC News.

“There are ways to pay our employees more and provide them with better compensation.

But it has to come from the top down, not from the bottom up.”

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