Naira Khan and Shreya R. Khan had been working as nurses in a nursing home in Pune, Maharashtra, for three months when they were informed that their job was being discontinued.

They felt they had to go to the state government’s nursing home facility, which is a part of the state’s healthcare department, to ask for a renewal.

“We felt that we could not work there, but the facility offered us an opportunity to work in another part of Maharashtra.

The facility has an area of 50 square meters and we could work there for three weeks without any overtime,” said Shreiya.

After getting a certificate from the facility, Nairas and Shrimes had to find a place to live and have a place for their families.

They decided to move in with a relative in Chittagong.

“I started working in a private nursing home after getting my certificate,” said Nair, adding, “I am still not sure how I managed to find accommodation but the people in the facility welcomed me with open arms.”

Shreema and Nairan had applied for a certificate in the previous year but were turned down because the state administration had not registered them as registered nurses.

“The nursing home is not registered in Maharashtra yet but I am sure we will soon,” said the mother of two.

After a few months, Nairs husband, Sajjad, and Shriya, also a nurse, moved in with the couple.

“Since we have been working at the facility for three and a half months, the facilities has provided us with a house and a room to live in,” said Sajid, who works as a private hospitality consultant.

Sajida and her family of six live with a friend in a rented flat in a housing colony in Chitrakoot, a village about 40 km from Pune.

The three-storey flat, which the family owns, was built in the late 1990s and has a spacious living room, a large dining area, a living room and a guest bedroom.

“A lot of the residents have worked there and the facilities is run by a cooperative organisation,” said a resident, who does not want to be named.

Sadeer and Shazia, too, started working at a nursing facility after obtaining their certificates.

The couple are now in the process of obtaining a certificate and getting a place at a private home.

“It was hard work but we have to give our best to the facility.

We are glad to be able to live at the home of the cooperative organisation and we are also grateful for the support from the government,” said R.S.R. “Sadeer was the first one to go for a nursing certificate when she started working as a nurse.

She is a good worker and has been given the certificate even though she does not have a degree.

Her husband is also working as an engineer at a government institute,” said Pankaj, who runs a health facility in Chintanagar.

“There are several families who have started working there, some as soon as they get their certificates, while others have been doing so for a long time,” said Chint, who is also a resident of a private residence.

“Some have been living in the premises for many years.

It is very hard work.

But we are grateful to the government for the certificates and the support,” said one of the families.

“All these families are working in their homes and it is their dream to come to the State and start a new life.

We thank the government and all our supporters for this,” said another resident.

The Nair family has a new home with their friends in Chinagpur village, where they live with R. S.R., Sade, Shazib and two other neighbours.

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