An Australian tourism agency has apologised after its nurse mates logo was removed from a travel nurse’s kit because it “cannot be used by a new hire”.

The agency said it was “deeply sorry” and that it had no plans to re-purpose the nurse’s badge.

Photo: Supplied The logo was taken down from a nurse’s travel nurse kit in Victoria last year, prompting the controversy.

A spokeswoman for the Travel Nursing Association said it had not removed the logo because the agency did not have a new nurse.

She said the organisation was not responsible for how the nurse was hired.

“We will be working with our nurses to get the logo back on our travel nurse kits and we have no plans at this time to reissue the logo,” she said.

Ms Hanks said she was not sure why the logo had been removed, and that she would not be able to use it until the nurse badge could be used again.

“I just think it’s ridiculous, I really do,” she told the ABC.

“There’s a lot of nurses that want to work in hotels and travel nursing, but we’ve got to pay for the nurses to travel.”

Photo: ABC News The spokeswoman said that travel nurse badges had been replaced with “more attractive” travel nurse cards for a few years.

She added that the badge could not be used in an airline or hotel.

“That’s a change from what we were doing in the past,” she added.

“The logo was meant to be used on the back of the travel nurse card, and there’s no way we could have a badge that would be that attractive.”

She said a new travel nurse badge would not take away the nurses’ badges from other locations, such as nursing homes, and she was hopeful that the travel nursing badge would be back.

Ms Kelly said she would be returning to the hotel and would be using the badge to book her accommodation.

“You’re going to have to book hotel rooms,” she was quoted as saying by the ABC News website.

She added she was glad that the logo was gone, but did not know if the nurse badges would be. “

But if it’s not too much, it’s good to know that you can book accommodation.”

She added she was glad that the logo was gone, but did not know if the nurse badges would be.

“It’s a very good gesture, but it’s really not the best way to use a badge,” she explained.

“Maybe I could use a different nurse badge.”

Ms Holes said she hoped that the nurse staff would continue to be welcome in the hotel room.

“All I can say is that I am absolutely not happy about it and I am really sorry,” she concluded.

The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council (ANMC) has since released a statement saying that it was in contact with the agency and would provide more information.

“Nurse badges are the most recognisable and iconic symbols of our profession,” the statement said.

However, while we understand the significance of the badge in the current environment, the ANMC does not have the power to decide the appropriate use of the ANMCA logo.”

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