Nurse sharks have long been a staple of the nursing profession, with average salaries around $100,000 and working hours of up to 80 hours per week.

But there are currently no shortage of candidates looking for a big pay bump, with some saying the job pays so little that they’ve made the switch.

The list of jobs with nursing vacancies is growing.

With many nurses already moving onto new careers, we asked the Nursing News Experts to rank the top nursing jobs and how much it pays to get them.

We’ve also included tips to help you land the right job.1.

Nursing Director (Nursing Academy)The number one job in the US for new nurses is the position of Nursing Director, but this one is actually more demanding than you might think.

It requires a degree in nursing, a nursing assistant or a nurse assistant, but it doesn’t require experience in clinical or nursing settings.

The average salary for a nursing director is around $90,000.2.

Nurse Assistant (Nurse Academy)Nursings are still the most common job in nursing across the country, but you can get a decent salary from your position if you work in a facility with more than 20 nurses.

You’ll typically get $60,000-$70,000 annually, which will keep you well above the national median.3.

Nurse Therapist (Nurses College)Nurses are still in demand in many nursing schools, but their salaries have been rising in recent years.

The salary for this type of nurse varies from school to school, but in a few schools you’ll be able to make more than $120,000-130,000 per year.4.

Nurse Practitioner (Nourishing Sciences College)There are many different types of nurse practitioners in nursing schools.

Some schools offer a combination of nursing and clinical practice.

You can expect to earn anywhere from $60-100,,000 to $120-130 to be a full-time nurse practitioner, depending on the school.5.

Nursing Education Assistant (Medical School)You’re probably already familiar with this role, but what does it take to become a nurse?

The average wage for a nurse education assistant is $60 to $70, but some schools offer more.

It’s also important to note that there are plenty of other jobs out there that pay better than this one.6.

Nurse Supervisor (Nurbing Career Center)This is the highest paid nursing position in nursing and the one with the highest pay.

It has an average salary of $80,000 a year.7.

Nurse Student (Nuremberg School of Nursing)Nurse students have been in demand for years, but the average salary has been steadily increasing.

The median salary is $120K, but many schools offer upwards of $180K.8.

Nurse Respiratory Therapist and Clinical Respirator (NURSAC)You’ve probably heard about this one by now.

You need to be licensed as a nurse respiratory therapist or clinical respiratory technician to take this job.

If you’re looking for some cash, the average starting salary is around the $60K mark.9.

Nurse Patient Specialist (NUREVA)The nurse practitioner is one of the most popular professions in nursing.

It typically requires a medical degree and experience with various procedures.

The top paying jobs in nursing are as follows:1.

Nurse Nurse Practitionship and Consultant (Nuresac)NURP, or Nurse Practiseship and Clinical Consultant, is one the most sought-after nursing jobs in the country.

It pays $90K per year for this position.2: Nurse Nurse Residency (NURESAC)This position pays $150K per season and offers the most flexible schedule.

It offers a minimum of four years of experience and is typically held by a nursing supervisor.3: Nursing Assistant (University of Minnesota)The average salary in this position is around around $110K per annum.4: Nursing Associate (University at Buffalo)The salary in nursing is growing at a rapid pace, but at the same time, nursing assistants are still making far less than nurses.

It costs $70K-$80K per month to earn a nursing associate’s salary.5: Nurse Associate (NUBC)The most competitive nursing position out there is the nursing associate.

It also pays more than the average, but offers a much longer career and can be held by nurses or advanced nursing students.6: Registered Nurse (Norman and Main School)This one’s more lucrative than it sounds.

The nurses who work at the Norman and Main school are paid more than half a million dollars per year, while those who work in the nursing program at the University of Minnesota are paid a little over $40K.7: Nursing Director of Nursing (University Medical Center)The nursing director position is typically a good paying position in the United States.

The annual salary for the position is between $60

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