More than 100 nursing assistants from around the country have come out against a controversial new nursing cap, saying they are making nurses vulnerable to disease.

Nursing assistants have been campaigning for more caps in recent months as the coronavirus pandemic has increased their workload.

A total of 772 nurses and midwives in the United States have been infected, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

About 70% of those nurses are in states that allow nurses to work in hospitals.

Many nurses, however, are worried about the new caps and their impact on their health.

“The nursing cap is one of those things where you have a bunch of people who are already suffering, who don’t have the tools to prepare for the coronaviirus, but they can have the caps,” said Heather MacMahon, a nurse who works in the New York City area.

“It’s just a very scary time for nurses.”

More:More:A nurse in Pennsylvania says her family has already suffered from respiratory illness as a result of the caps.

“My family has been affected because I have been wearing my nursing cap for more than two weeks now and they haven’t been able to get out of bed for more time than that,” she said.

A nurse from South Dakota says she will wear a nursing cap every day as long as it is necessary.

“I feel I can’t take it off for a week without feeling sick,” said the nurse, who asked not to be identified because she fears retaliation.

The new caps are made by a company called HealthMax.

Its slogan is “the safest place to be a nurse,” and its slogan is a reference to the fact that nurses are trained to be in a safe environment.

The company’s website says it’s designed to protect nursing workers from respiratory infections.

But many nurses say they have been scared by the company’s slogan.

“This is a very big company,” said one nurse from Indiana.

“They have a big name, and it’s all about the profits, and they have a very strong political agenda.”

If I can be on a respirator, why can’t I be in one as well?

“Another nurse from California said the new nursing caps are putting nursing assistants at risk.”

It’s a nurse.””

So it’s not just a nurse that needs to be prepared.

It’s a nurse.”

The American Nurses Association has said nurses should wear masks and be careful around the patient when they are in their home or office.

A group of nurses in Massachusetts recently released a statement calling on all of the nation’s hospitals to adopt a similar cap.

Nurses are protesting on the steps of the White House as well as the Statehouse.

The group has also posted videos on social media of nurses protesting outside the Capitol and inside.

The American Association of Nurses also released a letter it wrote to President Barack Obama on Tuesday calling on him to immediately end the caps and to take steps to stop the spread of respiratory infections in the U.S.AARP has been calling for more nurses to wear masks in order to protect their health and to reduce the number of cases of respiratory illnesses among nurses.

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