On Wednesday, The Atlantic published a piece by writer Nancy Gibbs titled “The Nurse Is The First to Say, ‘You Can’t Make This Shit Up.'”

Gibbs’ piece, titled “This Nurses Lifestyle Is Her Own,” went viral on Twitter.

The piece also made it to the Huffington Post and the New York Times.

In the piece, Gibbs said she became the first nursing home administrator to use the term “lifestyle.”

“I think that that was something that was a little shocking for me,” Gibbs said.

“I didn’t expect to have people talk about the nurses being so much about their health and wellness.

I think that’s something that nurses are really passionate about.

And that’s also why I thought that we need to kind of define a new term for nurses and that’s called lifestyle.”

Gibbens mother, Dr. Jennifer Loomis, said she wasn’t surprised by the viral hit.

“I am not surprised.

It was a real eye-opener for me, I just wanted to say, ‘OK, maybe we can change it,'” Loomins said.”

When I heard that it was the first nurse who had actually used the term, I was really surprised because I thought, well, it’s just not that common to hear that term used and to hear a nurse using it,” she said.

Loomins is a nurse practitioner and an expert on nutrition and dietetics.

She’s also a registered dietitian.

“There is nothing like seeing someone you respect doing something that they are really proud of and proud of the impact that they’re having on their health,” she added.

Gibbits mother, Loomas, said that’s why the term was coined.

“Nurses are incredibly passionate and really passionate in their work and we’re so fortunate that they have the privilege of doing what they do,” she told ABC News.

“We don’t have to do the work we’re doing, we don’t get paid enough, we can’t afford to be able to afford to take care of ourselves.

So I think it was really important that nurses be able and empowered to talk about it and share what they’re doing to be healthier and better prepared for the challenges of the workforce,” she continued.”

This is what nurses are for, and this is what we do.

This is what the nurses want, and they are doing their part to make sure that people can be able.”ABC News’ Sarah Geller contributed to this report.

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