The nurse logo is changing.

The company that makes the logo, the Nurses Association of the United States, is making the change to the new nursing home logo.

Nursing homes and other health care facilities are now using a new nurse logo that uses the nurse’s name instead of the nurse logo’s “n” or “n”.

The new logo has the same rounded design, but the nurse is now a bit smaller.

The “n”, which was used before, has been replaced with the new “r”.

In the old logo, a nurse’s signature stood for a nurse.

It also featured a “C” symbol, which was the symbol of the American Cancer Society, the nation’s largest cancer research and treatment group.

The new nurse’s logo also features a “D” symbol.

The word “Nursy” is also written below it.

The change comes after the Association of Nurses of America, the union that represents nursing home care workers, asked the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in September to investigate whether the nursing home’s logo is confusing or outdated.

The American Nurses Assn.

asked for an investigation into nursing home branding and asked the agency to take into account the “nursing home’s unique branding heritage and cultural identity.”

The U.K. National Nursing Home Association also has asked for a review of the nursing homes’ nursing home brand and has filed a complaint with the agency’s board.

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